The Action Plan!

Daily plans & actions are necssary in keeping control of Life, Goals, Plans, for guidance is needed, Friends or Counselors can give Advise and Support your Future to stay on right path.

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New Life Coaching!

If your searching the MARKETSPACE to improve your Life Skills, that's requiring you to experance a life- changing shift, I-C, Is offering a personalised Life coaching service to help you stay on track. Perhaps you’re struggling with Lifes Lessons or you have goals, but no idea how to achieve them? I can offer one-to-one meeting over the WEB or over the phone- to help you work through your problem areas and look to the future, facing your challenges head on with renewed confidence.

Cultivate your Authentic Llife

So often we go throught Life MINDLESSLY not knowing our true Authentic self. desperately achieving in high (ends) of insecurities with your thoughts and decisions often driven at it's best, With a life coach you can stop putting up with annoyances that are getting you down, create momentum to help you achieve results, set better goals and free up more time and energy. From your first appointment, we'll help you feel much better about your Life Decisions, and capable of making CHOICES for A better YOU!

Experience The Charisam!

Regurdless who you are, or what you do. we all! will come to a fork in the road and will need direction........ On how to move from here to there,Business owners, Managers, start-ups and domestic types can all take advantage of I-C, to help them achieve their goals. Don’t struggle on your own when it comes to LifeSkills changing experiences!! always get what you need out of Life with the support and tools of a Life Coach!

Inperson, Phone, Video, Zoom!!

Accept debit/credit cards
By appointment only
Good for children
Spiritual Advisor
Marriage Counselor
Child behavior issues
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Best Experience Life gives is to Live!!

Thanks now I understand the things I could not before I talked with you.
I wish life was as simple as you make them out to be when talking to you. Thanks Jojo.
Thanks for your help when I need it I greatly Appreciate you.

When your ready, Life is too.

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